If you looked at this strong offer and said to yourself, “I’m not an artist,” or, “I can’t do art,” then this is for you. It’s not about being an artist. It’s about being. And connecting. And exploring. I am not an artist, but I made marks on the paper as I moved through the experiences in the program. I am not a writer, but I wrote in response to the journal prompts. And I am not one who meditates, but I followed the guided meditations. I found that I was actually all of these things, and could do them in my own best way. Not only was I able to connect more deeply with my own being throughout the program, but the meaning that came from witnessing my response to the meditations, the journaling, my art, and others’ art was powerful. I was moved to grow more and take in the world around me with less judgment and more joy. This is a gift you give to yourself that sends a rippling effect through those in your life now and in the future.

Stauna, Art of Being participant
United States / Mongolia

I really enjoyed this workshop. Michael has a long and rich path. He knows a lot but is very modest. He knows how to adapt himself to each person. I think the way he introduced the workshop allows everybody a way to express themselves through the material. We had a very large choice of material we could use.  I particularly enjoyed the day we worked on the four elements. I found the texts he chose to read very complementary and offered a wealth of information. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience.”

Nathalie, Art of Being participant France / Spain

One could feel that Michael made a lot of effort and thought very much about small details. The course was a great enrichment for me, I would recommend it immediately! It was very well structured in terms of content, very well organised and easy to understand. There was a very good balance between theory, practice, discussion and exchange among participants. There were always good snacks, a nice mood and the day of silence was very enriching.” 

Kathrin, MBSR 8-Week Participant
Germany / Austria