Holistic Art Education

Teaching Art and the Creative Encounter

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Peter London is the author of No More Secondhand Art and Drawing Closer to Nature, as well as many scholarly articles on holistic art education. Visit his website to learn more about his ideas and work. John Dewey’Art as Experience is a classic in the field of holistic art education. The Heart of Art Education is a contemporary volume offering a variety of voices and topics exploring this theme.

Engaging the Senses

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Shari Tishman‘s Slow Looking provides ideas and strategies for teaching contemplative looking and observation skills, which can be applied to reading works of art or working in any discipline that requires skills of observation. W.A. Mathieu‘s The Listening Book does the same for the art of contemplative listening. Rivers and Tides is an exquisite documentary on the contemplative art-making process of nature artist Andy Goldsworthy. Touch the Sound is a documentary which explores the connections among sound, rhythm, time, and the body by following percussionist Evelyn Glennie, who is nearly deaf.