ELMLE Valencia 2019

Michael will present the following workshop on January 26 at the European League of Middle Level Educators 2019 Conference in Valencia, Spain. Click here for more information. Explore these ideas further with the linked pages and resources under the ELMLE Valencia 2019 tab.

Art & Mindfulness: Nurturing the Creative, Authentic Self

Guiding young people to a lasting connection with their creative, authentic selves is central to the role of arts education, and arguably all education in the middle years, when pressure to conform is strong. Mindfulness grounds us and taps into our own deeper sense of being; it allows us to more fully and confidently embody our true self. When artistic expression is drawn from this deeper well of being, art becomes a genuine expression of who we are, of our unique experience in the world, rather than an attempt to emulate the words, images, techniques, or styles of others. When we teach from this more authentic, creative self, we become a model to young students struggling to find their own voice in a media-saturated world. Whether you are an arts teacher or a classroom teacher looking to integrate the arts, you will find that meeting your own creative, authentic self, the artist within, is the first step.