Slow Museum Visits

“To see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.”  – Georgia O’Keefe

Having an encounter with an artwork is a conversation across time and space. It involves bringing everything we are, know, and have been to the table, where we meet the artist out of whose hand and life this work has come. Embodied in the trace of the brushstroke lies everything he or she knew, was, lived…


What is a Slow Museum Visit?

The format is simple: We will begin with a few strategies for contemplative looking as we set out on our slow museum visit. We will silently contemplate five artworks for ten minutes each. Then we will gather in the café to share our experiences of each artwork. What did you bring to the table? What traces of each artist’s life spoke across time and space to something in your own experience of this human life?

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FREE (Museum admission not included)

Limited to 10 participants.

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